Accounting I

Week of December 11

We will be working on chapter 10 this week.  We will begin by finishing information on a cash receipts journal and the problems with it (10-3 Application, 10-4 work together and application).  Then we will do the mastery problem for the chapter and complete the study guide.  Once that is complete we will work on the source document problem.
Friday we will review for our final.  I will also discuss other things to review for the final including vocabulary words, a sample test, and balance side of accounts.

Week of December 4

We will finish chapter 9 this week and begin chapter 10.
Chapter 9 work will include; finishing the mastery problem, completing the source document problem (9s), completing study guide 9, working on the sample test (9b) and then taking the assessment for the chapter (9a).
Once chapter 9 is complete we will work on chapter 10.  This week we will work on a sales journal (10-1 and 10-2 all parts (work together, on your own and application).  If that is complete we will begin a cash payments journal (10-3 work together, and application)

Week of November 27

We will work this week on chapter 9.  Students will be introduced to accounts payable ledger, purchases journal and cash payments journals.  They will also be shown how to post from those journals.
Students should complete
Work together 9-1 through 9-3 and on your own if you can
Applications 9-1 through 9-4.  You should get to 9-5 and start it.
If possible do part of the study guide as well.

Week of November 20

Finish any work from chapter 8.  Complete two videos and sheets on shark tank.  
Week of November 13

We will be working on chapter 8 this week.  Students will learn how to do closing entries, post them and then do a post closing trial balance.
They should complete the following problems;
8-1 and 8-2 work together
8-1 and 8-2 application
8-Mastery Problem
Study guide 8
8-Challenge problem
We will work on the sample test on Friday for review.  Trying to answer any questions about the closing entries that we have had this week.

Week of November 6

Students are continuing to work on Chapter 7.  We will do a short review monday and then work on the mastery problem.  Students should then complete the study guide and finally work on the challenge problem for the chapter.  Once this is complete we will work on the sample test for the chapter and review anything we need to cover again.  The assessment for the chapter will be on Thursday.  On Friday we will quickly review any problems from the chapter and begin an introduction into chapter 8. We will likely complete the first section of the chapter.

Week of October 30

We are beginning the week working on a ten step reinforcement activity.  I will begin the activity with them then let them work.  We will spend all of two days and a part of a third on the problem.
Once that problem is done we will spend the rest the of the week on the next chapter.  Starting with section 7-1 introducing income statements.  Students should complete the work together, on your own, and the application. Then if time allows we will do the balance sheet section, which is 7-2.  We will try and complete 7-2 work together, on your own and application.

Week of October 23
Continue working on Chapter 6 and worksheets.  We will  work on the application 6-4 for adjusting entries and the Mastery problem.  Then we will complete the  study guide and do the sample test, test B, to review.  Once that is done we will take the assessment on chapter 6.
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