Geography 404

10/1 Sparsely and Densely Populated. Factors that drive population patterns 10/2 and 10/3 Population Paradox 10/4 Demographics--Characteristics that Make up the 1st and 3rd World 10/10 Using Demographics to sort population cards 10/11 and 12 Web of Culture and Cultural Concepts 10/13 Political And Economic Systems 10/16 Economic Systems Continued 10/17 Natural Resources related to 1st and 3rd world 10/18 Activities that make up the economic sector 10/19 Test over Cultural Geography 10/20 SLO--2nd Quarter 10/23 Introduction to United States and Canada Unit 10/24 Venn Diagram-US and Canada 10/25 SIP Day 10/26 and 27 Chapter 6--United States a Nation of Cities 10/30-11/2 American Regionalism--recognition of the similar areas of the United States--examining food, language, and other cultural differences that exist within our own country 11/3 Canadian Regionalism 11/6 Canadian Regionalism 11/7 Map Quiz over USA and Canada--Maps Due 11/8 Canada Today 11/9 The Question of Quebec 11/10 Assessment over US and Canada Content

11/13-Introduction to Latin America. Receive Maps

11/14--Primary Source Document and Discussion of Columbus

11/15-Regions of Mexico

11/16-Pre-Columbian Mexico and La Conquista

11/17-Discovery Atlas Mexico


11/20--The works of Diego Rivera and how they pertain to Mexico

11/21--Latin America Map Quiz-Maps Due

11/27-29 Brazil-The South American Superlative

11/30 Latin America Content Assessment

12/1 Introduction to Western Europe.  Receive Maps

12/4 Introduction to Western Europe--What is the EU

12/5 & 6--the United Kingdom


12/8-Map Quiz Western Europe


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