Physical Education


Activity days are worth 10 points
Everyone must participate
Students who fail to dress out for activity will receive a non-dress which results in a 10 point deduction.  Students will be allowed to make-up 1 non-dress, but must do so within the unit. 
Students who are absent will not earn daily points, but will be allowed to schedule a make-up within 2 days of the absence
Students removed from an activity due to behavior problems will receive a non-participation which results in a 10 point deduction
Electronic devices are not allowed in PE class. It cannot be on your person, LOCK it up in the locker room.  Administration will be called to confiscate all phones out in class.  This includes the locker room.
Students who fail to participate in daily warm-ups will lose 5 daily points
Students who are not in their assigned area for attendance will lose 1 daily point.  This includes students tardy to the locker room.


•Students will be given 2 days from their absence to make arrangements with their instructor to make-up.  Beyond 2 days is too late.
•Wednesday endurance activity must be made-up by completing the assigned activity.  Students will need to arrange a time with their instructor to complete the task missed.  As with any other absence, students have 2 days from their absence to make arrangements for a make-up.  All absences need to be made up.
Students who have a non-dress will be allowed to make-up their deduction, but can only make-up 1 ND per unit.
•Students can make arrangements with their instructor to make-up their AB or ND by coming to early bird (with a pass), after school, on their own using the RunKeeper app on a smart phone, bowling with a print-out of their game, signed log from Fitness World, Anytime Fitness, YMCA, or the Golf course.
•Students using the RunKeeper app must complete a 30 minute workout.  RunKeeper is a privilege.  Instructor must pre-approve this method.
•Non-participations may not be made up.
Students will not be allowed to abuse off-campus make-ups.


You MUST be dressed school appropriate.
•All students MUST change their clothes  to earn daily credit.
•NO sleeveless shirts or tank tops.
•NO saggy pants.

 **You will be asked to change into school appropriate clothes if inappropriate clothes are worn.  If you do not have appropriate PE clothes, you will receive a Non-Dress/-10pt deduction.