Algebra 2 course outline

Algebra 2 learning targets 

Functions & Transformations 1: Transform a function when represented as a graph, equation, or table.

FT 2: Identify key features of a function, and sketch a graph given key features.

Absolute Value & Quadratics 1: Describe, graph, and write equations for transformed absolute value functions.

AQ2. Describe, graph, and write equations for transformed quadratic functions. 

AQ3. Write the equation of a parabola given a focus and directrix, and use the information to graph it.

AQ4. Calculate and interpret average rate of change of a function.

Solving Quadratics 1: Solve quadratics by using square roots.

SQ2: Perform operations with complex numbers.

SQ3: Solve quadratics by factoring.

SQ4: Solve quadratics by completing the square.

SQ5: Solve quadratics by using the quadratic formula.

Systems 1: Solve a system graphically or numerically.

Systems 2: Solve a system of linear and quadratic functions algebraically, and describe the number of solutions in a given context.

Polynomial 1: I can use factors and apply the rules for end behavior and transformations to graph polynomials.

Polynomial 2: I can use long division, synthetic division, and factoring to find factors of polynomials.

Polynomial 3: I can graph polynomials in standard form.
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