Graduation Requirements

Required Credits

A total of 24.5 credits is required for graduation from Jacksonville High School. Students are not allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies unless ALL graduation requirements have been completed.



Requirements for Jacksonville High School


3 credits

1 credit must be Algebra (ALG I 306, ALG II 326, Honors ALG II 328)

1 credit must be a course that includes Geometry content (GEO 316 or 318)

1 other credit


2 courses

Any 9th and 11th grade English classes are considered to satisfy this requirement


4 credits

1 credit of 9th grade English (ENG 106 or 108)

1 credit of 10th grade English (ENG 116 or 118)

1 credit of 11th grade English (ENG 126, 128, or 137)

1 credit of 12th grade English (ENG 136, or 137/138)

*Note ENG 137 will satisfy the 11th grade or 12th grade requirement depending on the year it is taken


2 credits

1 credit of Biology (BIO 514 or 516)

1 credit of Physical Science (PS 504, CHEM 556, CHEM 558, PHYS 576 or PHYS 578, or BOTH FUND CHEM 552 and FUND PHYS 572)

Social Studies

2.5 credits

1 credit of World Cultures/Geography (WC/GEO 404 or 406)

1 credit of U.S. History (HIS 424, 426, or 428)

.5 credit of Civics (junior or senior year)

Physical, Health & Driver's Education

4 credits

.5 credit Health (935)

.25 credit of classroom Driver's Education (960, 961, 964, or 965) (optional for graduation, but required for obtaining a driver's license; counts toward 4 credit requirement)

.25 credit of Behind the Wheel Driver's Training (optional for graduation, but required for obtaining a driver's license; counts toward 4 credit requirement)

3 - 3.5 credits of Physical Education (any combination of PE courses or credits to satisfy the 4 credit requirement)

Other Required Credits

.5 credit

.5 credit of Consumer Education (728 or 745)

Other Requirements


Pass the U.S. Constitution Test with 76% or better


8.5 credits

Any non-required course from any department

Potential College Entrance Requirements
4 years English
3 years Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or beyond)
3 years Social Science
3 years Science
2 years Foreign Language (same language) - Or an equivalent such as:  Fine Arts, Vocational, or Business

*Some colleges require a basic computer skills class
*Students should investigate the college or university of choice to determine the correct entrance requirements are met at JHS.  A 4-year plan is highly recommended with the student's high school counselor.

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